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Unique mixed media scuptures

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_Seeing-eye dog_ side view.jpeg
Seeing Eye Dog

This sculpture is a whimsical play on the idea of walking your dog. It's also a nod to the intelligence of our dogs, who can often sense much more than we can!


Aluminium foil, metal, timber

50cm H x 40cm D x 40cm W


_Seeing-eye dog_ closeup.jpeg
_Seeing-eye dog_ back view_.jpeg
Lady of Shallot / Human bean

A play on the famous poem The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson, this beautiful woman is part human part vegetable (long green bean/spring onion/shallot). She floats languidly down the river in her seed pod. This sculpture playfully reminds us that we are part of nature.

_Human bean_ closeup_edited.jpg

Glass, plaster bandage, seed pod

190cm L x 30cmH x 85cm D


_Nautilus_ side view.jpeg

This sculpture is a play on the beautiful, fragile nautilus shell - and on the striving we all do to travel/row through this sometimes fragile life, in these fragile bodies


Plaster, plaster bandage, copper, timber, limestone

70cm H x 40cm D x 30cm W


_Nautilus_ closeup.jpeg
_Nautilus_ back view.jpeg
Welcome Home!

This sculpture encapsulates the exuberance and enthusiasm of how our dogs greet us! 

While quite large, it is light.

Steel and plaster bandage

90cm L x 50cm H x 40cm D


Diving in (right)_edited.jpg
Diving In

This sculpture is all about taking risks and making the most of life!

Plaster and wood


Diving in (front)_edited.jpg

Ravelled dreams

_Ravelled dreams_ front_edited.jpg
_Ravelled dreams_ closeup_edited.jpg

40cm L x 20cm D x 15cm H

Plaster $1,200

Bronze $3,500

_Ravelled dreams_ _edited.jpg
Shipwreck / Caught up

This sculpture explores a number of themes on different levels. On a literal  level it is a shipwreck, with people struggling to survive on the boat remnants. It can also be read as an analogy for life and how we deal with the challenges we face, the connections we make along the way, and the ever-illusive struggle towards enlightenment (the bird)

Wood, clay, steel, rope

175cm H x 120cm W x 47cm D



Steel-coated clay with rust patina

46cm W x 50cm H x 20cm D



Two sculptures placed together, legs intertwined. Relaxed yet animated, showing connection. 


To be placed on a shelf or ledge with part of the sculpture hanging down the side (his leg and her skirt and hand)

Precious drops

This sculpture is a play on the idea of two precious commodities - water and time. A young girl drinks at the water fountain, which is actually an old sundial. Themes are climate change and the importance of making changes sooner than later ("tempus fugit"! - time flies!). The message is communicated through a playful and nostaglic lens of childhood memories.  

Ceramic, copper, limestone 

120cm L x 60cm H x 40cm D


_Reflections_ side view_edited.jpg

Plaster, metal, wood

60cm L x 60cm H x 44cm D



This sculpture explores the ideas of perception, including self-perception, and how perception distorts reality. Things are not what they seem - and sometimes they are better than they seem.

_Reflections_ view from behind woman.jpeg
_Reflections_ closeup_edited.jpg
Sea Urchins

"Minne and Winnie slept in a shell

Sleep little ladies, and they slept well

Sleep little ladies, wake not soon -

Echo on echo dies to the moon

Two bright stars peeped into the shell

What are they dreaming of, who can tell?

Started a green linnet out of the croft

'Wake little ladies, the sun is aloft!'"


40cm L x 20cm H x 25cm D


_Sea urchins_ green - top view.jpeg
_Sea urchins_ green.jpeg
_Sea urchins_ green - closeup.jpeg
_Sea urchins_ natural - end view.jpeg
_Sea urchins_ natural.jpeg
Wonky house

This sculpture is an ode to the house in which I raised my two kids. The house was falling apart and we had lots of animals - a dog, a cat, mice, fish, and a garden full of birds. We played games, relaxed and had fun.


Winterstone, wood, perspex, metal, clay

50cm H x 45cm D x 45cm W


Angel hug

Plaster, slate

30cm H x 40cm D x 15cm W



Found objects - Ironing board (with chrome paint), stove tops, mop head, down lights, heart pressure gauge, tongs, wood, steelo pads, lacy knickers, vacuum innards, engine "intestines", apron

150cm H x 30cm D x 50cm W


Grief counsel (back).jpg
Chasing Rabbits
Chasing rabbits_edited.jpg


80cm W x 15cm H x 30cm D


Climbing man
Climbing man.heic

Plaster bandage

15cm H x 10cm W x 12cm D


Elimination erganomics
elimination ergonomics_edited.jpg


90cm H x 90cm W x 50cm D



Winterstone and lace on granite base

80cm W x 15cm H x 30cm D


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