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Bronze sculptures

Artemis and her stag

Artemis the protector, alert to danger, ready to shoot her bow, flanked by her gentle young stag... 

This piece was commissioned as a special gift celebrating the recipient's significant birthday.

_Walking the dad_.jpeg
Walking the dad

This sculpture was inspired by happy memories of walking with my dad and our dog, Honey. I hope it speaks to others too, who may share similar memories.


Bronze on granite

60cm H x 40cm D x 20cm W


_Walking the dad_ back view.jpeg
_Walking the dad_ dog closeup.jpeg
Standing female nude

Bronze on granite base

35cm H x 14cm D x 17cm W


Seated male nude
_Seated male nude__edited_edited.jpg
_Seated male nude_ back view_edited.jpg


25cm H x 25cm D x 20cm W


_Seated male nude_ other side_edited.jpg

This sculpture was inspired by my favourite beach and how it makes me feel - like I've "landed" or arrived, much like birds who miraculously find their burrows after a long flight.

Bronze (girl) and glass (bird)

40cm H x 40cm D x 20cm W

$4,200 (with bird)

$3,800 (without bird)



50cm H x 55cm W x 80cm D


Glass pond $650

Hamish and Andy
_Hamish and Andy_ front view_edited.jpg
_Hamish and Andy_ side view (Hamish back

Commissioned by Zoë Foster Blake, to commemorate Hamish and Andy's years of radio hosting together

_Hamish and Andy_ back view_edited.jpg
_Hamash and Andy_ side view (Hamish fore
Pet portraits
Commissioned portraits of beloved pets

Pepper (Schnauzer - right)

Harvey (Kelpie-cross - below)

Tinkerbell (Newfoundland - bottom)



_Pepper_ side view_edited.png
_Pepper_ front view_edited.jpg
_Harvey_ back view_edited.jpg
_Harvey_ bum view_edited.jpg
Tinkerbelle (detail)_edited.jpg
Tinkerbelle (side)_edited.jpg
Fur closeup_edited.jpg
How was your day?

This sculpture conveys the balm that dogs bring us after a hard day. They always seem to listen, care and understand!

Bronze with green or gold patina

20cm H x 35cm L x 20cm D


Phone support

Bronze with green patina

20cm W x 30cm D x 20cm H


Day nap


45cm L x 10cm H x 27cm D


Meeting of minds

Inspired by old dog Gemma and the unspoken relationship we had. She was just the best dog!

Bronze with green patina

40cm L x 27cm H x 20cm D


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