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Products & illustrations

Lucinda paints and draws both figurative and abstract paintings and illustrations. She can be commissioned for special projects, such as the examples below. Click "order now" to arrange your own project!

 Jenny B commissioned Lucinda to create a label for the honey produced in her bee hives. She wanted a play on the "B" of her surname, using the image of a bee instead.

Honey label
Native birds and animals on beautiful products

Spotted Robin asked Lucinda to create a series of native birds and animals for their beautiful products - cushion covers, tea towels, t-shirts and more. Click on the images below to purchase or browse all products at

Cushion covers
Cushion covers
Kookaburra cushion cover.webp
Echidna t-shirt_edited.jpg
Koala t-shirt_edited.jpg
Wombat t-shirt_edited.jpg
Wombat tote bag_edited.jpg
Tote bags
Koala tote bag_edited.jpg
Echidna tote bag_edited.jpg
Regent Honeyeater tote bag_edited.jpg
Cockatoo tote bag_edited.jpg
Kookaburra tote bag_edited.jpg
Tea towels
Echidna tea towel_edited_edited.jpg
Reginal Honeyeater tea towel_edited_edit
Cockatoo tea towel_edited.jpg
Kookaburra tea towel_edited.jpg
Koala tea towel _edited.jpg
Cockatoo eyeglass cleaning cloth.jpeg
Eyeglass cleaning cloths
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