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For the Garden

Garden sculptures

Order a unique sculpture for your garden, or for your gardening friend!

Check out these characters in terra cotta on glass or wood, or just to poke into the dirt.

For more substantial garden sculptures, check out stone and bronze pages. Commissions taken!

Large dog


Fired ceramic (Raku BRT)

90cm H x 60cm W x 75cm D


Garden tiles

Lovely for a garden wall, order custom made tiles with a garden them - framed to hang, or unframed to install directly onto the wall.

Garden shovel

Terra cotta with green oxide

15cm x 15cm plus frame


Garden trio

Terra cotta

15cm H x 45cm


Garden pitch fork

Terra cotta with green oxide

15cm x 15cm plus frame


Water features

There is nothing more soothing than the sounds of running or tinkling water in the garden. The water features below have been sold but click the "Order Now" button for a custom designed water feature than can provide a centre piece for your garden, and make the birds happy!

Catching drops

Crackled torso water feature

Little fawn

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