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About Lucinda Brash

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Lucinda creates unique artwork in a diverse range of media, specialising in sculpture and ceramics.

Lucinda's work reflects her deep love of animals, birds and the natural world. At times, her work can be read on both a literal and a symbolic level.  Many of her pieces capture a moment of connection - between species, forms, or characters.  They often articulate a feel or mood - whimsical, fun, uplifting or contemplative. Some works express a striving or struggle but always with an element of hope, capturing the poignancy and vulnerability of life, with an underlying optimism. 


Lucinda works in a variety of media and loves to experiment. However, she especially loves the immediacy of working with clay - either fired, or cast into something else such as bronze, plaster or glass.

Lucinda also works on commission to create bespoke pieces - examples include sculptural portraits of beloved pets; sculptures, tiles or splashbacks to enhance the interior design of homes, and sculptures commissioned as gifts to mark special milestone events such as birthdays and weddings.


Lucinda was commissioned to sculpt a number of female birds for research conducted at Deakin University*. The birds had to be realistic enough to attract their male counterparts, so researchers could observe their mating behaviours!


* Ekanayake KB, Weston MA, Nimmo DG, Maguire GS, Endler JA, Ku¨pper C. 2015 The bright incubate at night: sexual dichromatism and adaptive incubation division in an open-nesting shorebird. Proc. R. Soc. B 282: 20143026. 

Lucinda works at Far Canal Studio in Elwood.

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First Prize, Salon des Refusés for "Human Bean" -
Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual & Awards Exhibition, Collins Place, Melbourne, 2019

Second Place People’s Choice Award for "Caught up", Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual & Awards Exhibition, 400 Bourke St, Melbourne,2018

First Place People's Choice Award for "Welcome Home!", Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual & Awards Exhibition, 120 Collins St, Melbourne, 2014

First Place People’s Choice Award for "Meeting of Minds", Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual & Awards Exhibition, Monsalvat, Eltham, 2007

  • Life drawing and ceramics at Melbourne University (night school) while completing law and arts degrees BA/LLB (1984 – 1988)

  • Life sculpture and bronze casting with Victor Kalinowski (1992 – 1994)

  • Stone carving with Robert Langley (1995)

  • Glass blowing with Miles Johnson (1996)

  • Glass slumping at Holmesglen TAFE (1997)

  • National Ceramics Conference, Bendigo (2003)

  • National Ceramics Conference, NSW (2004)

  • Ceramics & Design at Holmesglen TAFE, Chadstone (2002 - 2004)

  • Art and Design at Holmesglen TAFE, Moorabbin (2005)

  • Ferro-cement sculpture at CERES Environmental Park (2006)

  • Glass work at Blue Dog Glass Studio, Mordialloc (2018, 2020, 2021)

  • Glass casting at Blue Dog Glass Studio, Belgrave (2023)

  • Casting in silver and bronze, Blue Dog Glass Studio, Belgrave (2024)

  • Solo exhibition – Fitzroy Gallery (2002)

  • Group exhibitions:

    • Fitzroy Gallery Group Exhibition (2003)

    • Association of Sculptors of Victoria - Annual & Awards Exhibition (2004, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023)

    • Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (2005, 2022)

    • RSPCA’s Annual Art Exhibition (2006, 2007, 2008)

    • Bayside Sculpture Gallery (Transformation 2007, Counterpoint 2008, Re-Form 2009, Shell 2011, Illusion 2012, Translations 2013)

    • Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition (2010, 2012) 

    • Eliot and ASV Gallery, Toorak, (2011)

    • Inspired, Vere Gallery and Apothecary (2013-2014)

    • All Creatures Great and Small, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery (2013-2014)

    • Herring Island Summer Arts Festival (2010, 2014)

    • Qdos Lorne Sculpture Gallery (2016)

    • Bottled Snail Exhibition (lawyers who are artists), L1 Studios (2016)

    • ASV Online Annual Awards and Exhibition (2020)

    • ASV Exhibition at Sale, Gippsland (2021)

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